4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Making a Hiring Decision

In June 30, 2017

Dedicated employees are the heart and soul of every successful business. Your hiring decisions will determine your company culture, they will determine public perception of your business, and they will determine how effectively and efficiently work gets done under your watch.

When going through the hiring process, it is important to craft insightful questions for job candidates. But it is also important to ask yourself the right questions before making a final decision. Here are a few things to ask yourself as you consider each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses:

  1. Is this need permanent? If you are only hiring to a temporary position, it is important, for both legal reasons and for company morale, to let any potential candidates know about this beforehand.
  2. Does this person share company values? Obviously, it is impossible to read a job candidate’s mind, and it is difficult to truly get to know someone and their values in the course of one brief interview conversation. However, asking smart questions can help. As can performing standard background verification and drug testing.
  3. What are this person’s professional ambitions? Some employees are always looking for chances to advance professionally, whereas others are content with the workload and lifestyle that they already enjoy. There is nothing wrong with either of these mindsets, but it is important to weigh your candidate’s ambitions against the opportunities available in your company. For example, a growth-oriented employee might not be the best choice for a position that offers little opportunity for advancement; and conversely, hiring an employee who is not poised to grow with a quickly growing company could also be a mistake.
  4. Why am I choosing this candidate? When you have made a hiring decision, you should record your reasons for hiring this candidate. This will help offer legal protection, and it will also encourage you to think critically about your own managerial decisions.

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