5 Tips for Business Travel

In November 11, 2016

Some business owners travel regularly in order to meet with potential customers, clients, vendors and investors. For others, travel is a more infrequent obligation. But virtually anyone in charge of running a company will need to hit the road at some point or another, and in these cases, it is important to be prepared. Proper preparation is oftentimes the difference between a trip that is both productive, enjoyable, and refreshing, and a trip that is none of the above. Here are few tips that can help you ensure that your business trip is of the former variety.

Make a checklist. Leaving home only to discover that you are missing something important can make your trip uncomfortable, unproductive, or even impossible. (One report published in the UK found that more than 1 in 10 people admit to forgetting their passport on their way to an international trip!) Making a list of necessities and checking it twice before leaving the house is a worthwhile investment of your time.

Keep records. Saving your receipts and carefully managing other important documents can be the difference between tax-break subsidies and footing every bill on your own, so make sure to keep thorough records at all times!

Food, food, food. Bring snacks for the airport and other moments when you may not have access to affordable food. This will help you save a few bucks and actually treat yourself in a local restaurant at some point along the way. Failing to think ahead when it comes to food can make for a journey that is both stressful and unhealthy, so be on your toes.

Avoid checking bags when possible. This significantly slows down your time, getting out of the airport, and it is generally better to pack lightly anyway.

Frequent flier security programs such as the TSA Precheck can also get you through the airport fast and with less stress.

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