8 Skills to Look For in Every New Hire

In December 9, 2016

Hiring is one of the most important HR functions that any company performs. Your employees represent your company, and they help define its culture. Certain skills and talents are always going to be valued more heavily depending on the position you are filling—but other qualities are simply universal. Here are 8 skills that you should look for in every new hire.

Communication. Whether it means facilitating teamwork or ensuring customer satisfaction, strong communication comes in handy for virtually any member of the workforce.
Technological Literacy. Not every worker in the world needs to be a computer whiz—but simple skills such as using the Microsoft Office Suite or knowing how to upload files to the cloud are a near-must in this day and age.
Professionalism. Knowing how to show up on time, present oneself effectively, and dress for success can really make a job candidate stand out.
Problem Solving. Approaching a complex situation logically and pragmatically to find a solution is a universal skill.
Organization. People who know how to organize their spaces and their schedules with proper care and prioritization tend to achieve more both professionally and personally.
Research. Is this person capable of researching and learning about a complex topic? Can this person distinguish between trustworthy and untrustworthy sources?
Teamwork and Leadership. Does this potential hire understand how to work as a part of a larger team, simultaneously presenting and standing up for their own opinions while also considering and respecting the opinions of others?
Learning. It sounds a bit cheesy, but a capability for and a love of learning is perhaps the most important quality that you can look for in an employee. Both the market and the world are constantly changing, and those who comprehend how to learn and adapt will ultimately have far more success than those who are completely rigid in their views and their understanding.

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