Promoting Honesty from Online Job Applications

In January 13, 2017

As you may already be aware, lies are very common on job applications. A recent study published in Money Magazine revealed that 56% of hiring managers have caught candidates lying on their resumes. Such fibs seem to be especially common in the world of online job applications. In part, this may have to do with the perceived anonymity that people think they enjoy on the internet. Another contributing factor to this trouble statistic, however, could actually be the way that hiring managers and HR departments write their job online job application forms. Here are a few ways that you can help get better answers out of job candidates in the online world:

– Be more specific. Most people are far more willing to bend the truth and to break it: by being highly specific in any questions you ask, you are more likely to receive a straight answer. (You will likely get a more relevant and insightful answer as well!)
– Open-ended rather than multiple choice. It is amazing how many companies still use multiple choice questions in their online job applications. Unless you are dealing with an enormous pool of candidates (i.e. you are a national chain) there is no reason to be wasting time and energy asking these kinds of low-insight questions.
– Use tech wisely. Another unfortunate trend in online recruiting is the use of keyword scanners and other “automatic” resume/application curating tools. Once again, unless the pool of applicants is enormous (and specific instructions are given) this strategy tends to be rather counterproductive.
– Incorporate a human element whenever possible. This is especially relevant if your recruiting work is remote: a phone call, a skype interview, or some other form of real interaction is almost always an insightful and worthwhile investment of your time.

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