Techniques for Better Productivity

In September 28, 2017

For most small business owners, the old phrase “so much to do, so little time” rings frustratingly true. With a virtually endless amount of tasks to deal with, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Of course, giving in to such feelings is oftentimes the worst thing one can do. Dwelling on feelings of discouragement or frustrating generally leads one to being even less productive, thus furthering a negative cycle.

Instead, business owners and other professionals who find themselves feeling challenged by their workload should instead take simple steps to boost their productivity, and forge ahead one task at a time. Here are a few easy techniques for better productivity that have helped countless people around the world fulfil their potential.

Pomodoro Method. Also referred to as the tomato timer method, this technique involves dividing your time into small and manageable chunks of attention divided by small, refreshing breaks. The standard division is 25 minute work periods separated by 5 minute breaks, with one longer 20 minute break every fourth time through the cycle. The key to this method lies in telling yourself that, during your 25 minute work periods (known as Pomodoros) literally nothing merits your attention except for work. If you think of something important, receive a phone call, or feel like checking your Instagram during a Pomodoro, you’re out of luck. Simply make a quick note to yourself so that you can deal with the issue on a break period, and get back to work!

Kanban Method. This method is similar to the Pomodoro method, but instead of diving work periods up with time, work periods are divided by task. Instead of 25 minutes and then one break, therefore, you would instead use a method such as ‘write two pages and then a break,’ or ‘make five sales calls and then a break.’ Some psychologists argue that this technique incentivizes work better than the Pomodoro method.

Must-Should-Would. Begin each day (or each shift, or each hour, or each work week etc.) with three tasks in mind. One that you must accomplish, one that you should accomplish, and one that you would like to accomplish. This will help you prioritize while also providing a predefined measure for success or failure.

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