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In November 13, 2015
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Doing Your Own Payroll Isn’t Exactly Easy

If your small business has an employee besides yourself, or if your business uses independent contractors, then you have to do payroll. It’s not as simple as just giving your employees their paycheck: you have to report their federal, state, and local taxes, withhold the money from their checks, and pay all this to the government. If you don’t do all this in a timely manner, then you can face big fines. Doing this on your own is possible, but you’re going to have to learn a little tax law and get good at collecting and organizing the various tax forms (like the I-9 and W-4) from all your employees. When you hire someone new, all this has to be reported to the government. On top of that you are going to have to calculate things like overtime, sick days, and vacation days, as well as compute any bonus pay you might offer your employees. Finally, and crucially, you have to make your payroll tax deposits – when and how much depends on how much money your business is making.   It’s not easy to do all this, but with a little hard work, a lot of people figure it all out; nevertheless, it can take hours and hours out of every week getting all of this done right.

Maybe Outsourcing Payroll is Right For You

Many businesses have decided to leave all the intricacies of payroll in the hands of professional payroll companies like Precise Payroll. No longer does the small business owner have to stay up late computing deductions on an employee’s check or worry about getting his or her payroll taxes in on time. Precise Payroll can do all of that for you. They will get your checks out, put them in envelopes, make all the deductions, take care of your taxes, deal with all the new hire forms, and even conduct pre-employment screenings. Outsourcing payroll is the growing trend in business today: maybe it’s right for you.

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